Interstate LineHaul

With our most premium and biggest track record of providing safety, reliability, and smoothness in logistic operations we are helping Cold storages, Refrigerated transport companies, Food Manufacturers, Food Suppliers, and Frozen products to move their freight from one place to another. The most crucial aspect of every load is that the right temperature is maintained and goods are transported within the given time slot.

Timely delivery along with all possible safety measures become most integral as the products move from one origin to another place and their safe delivery is our responsibility. 

We handle the Interstate LineHaul and we have all the licenses and available authority to carry on these operations. We also have the authorization from New South Wales Food Authority to carry food products and we follow all the necessary guidelines to carry our cargo from one place to another.

We are Mass Managed and have NHVR accreditation in place, under which we can increase the load and we can carry increased load specific quantity and we are allowed to pursue the same with the approvals. We are the followers of law rigorously and we always respect law and rules. We care the same for our clients and we are always transparent in our operations for our clients.

With Oz Freight, You will have the guarantee of safety, standards, specific measures for the operations and you will have the information as well. We can help you track your cargo and we will be sharing regular updates as well. 

We are always ready to transport your critical and important bulky freight safely and on time from one place to another without any delays. We follow the right procedures so that there are no hurdles in the transit and at the time of delivery. We will never disappoint our customers.

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