Refrigerated Courier

We operate in Refrigerated courier as well and we are offering this service for the food products for example chocolates, frozen seafood or other food products. Now with a refrigerated courier, it is a faster and most convenient way to transport small loads from one specific place to another and our team is dedicated to handling these deliveries. The most important part which we always manage is the surety that the products will be handled in the mentioned temperature and the parcel will be dispatched and delivered exactly the same as expected by the consignee.

With our company, you will have the best cost and affordable courier for your needs and we manage all the complex logistics of these products on regular basis. We are in this business on refrigerated transport since 2009 and from that year, we are making a difference in the industry with our timely deliveries and ensuring the best possible care for the products which are transported to other places.

We are leading from the front and our team is highly trained to manage food products sent in courier and we are available in different parts and our operations have the hub and spoke model and we operate from NSW and we are managing operations to other major towns as well.

We do understand that Australia is prone to high temperatures and there are chances that perishable products can lose their form and any mishandling could spoil the entire product sent from the sender to the receiver.

Now in this situation managing the vehicles and all the couriers at the required temperature and then further delivering the same to its destination is a tall order, however, we are experts in managing this and we will be giving our best to ensure that the services are catered with paramount care.

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